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Horse racing in Australia.

Australian horse racing is fairly big business and the Melbourne cup in particular is something that thousands of people really like to watch. In fact the Melbourne cup is something which has turned into a massive event in horse racing in Australia and international horses are now constantly being entered.

Why horse racing in Australia is supported

Horse racing in Australia is supported just as keenly as horse racing within the UK and America. Australian horse racing is slightly different however due to the fact that it is administered by the Australian Racing Board. That means that horse racing in Australia has to abide by the Australian rules of racing.

Surprisingly horse racing in Australia is the third most supported sport within the country next to Rugby and Australian football. There are 379 racecourses across Australia which millions of people attend each year. However, Australian horse racing is not only popular due to the fact that it is a sport; it is also good for the economy too. Thanks to horse racing in Australia, over 250,000 people have been given full and part time employment.

When the main horse racing in Australia occurs.

The main horse racing events tend to happen in the spring and autumn months with horse racing in Australia. The Melbourne cup as mentioned earlier is one of the most common racing events with the VRC Oaks and the Caulfield Cup are also popular too.

There are 391 race clubs within Australia and around 2,745 meetings are held each year. That just shows the scale of how popular horse racing in Australia is. Australian horse racing is something that 610 Australian bookmakers love to encourage within the country and one horse in particular has really caused a stir. Makybe Diva has been the horse of the year for Australian horse racing and thousands of pounds were placed on her within that year.

Overall horse racing in Australia is big business. It is a sport yet it means so much to the economy and Australian horse racing is so much more than just a hobby for most. It is just as popular if not more popular than racing in other parts of the world and it is thought that over 100,000 people go to see the main big races each year. Overall horse racing in Australia is definitely set to only become more popular as time goes on.


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Horse racing in Australia