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All about Horse Racing in the UK

Horse racing in the UK has really boosted the economy. Some great jockeys have emerged from UK horse racing also and it is a big spectator sport. So what type of UK horse racing is there and how has it become so popular?

How Horse Racing in the UK Has Developed

Today there are two main types of horse racing in the UK and those are jump racing and flat racing. Flat racing is basically just where horses purely race against each other.

There are no obstacles in the way and it is definitely the safest type of UK horse racing. Jump racing on the other hand can be dangerous, though some punters think that it is more exciting than simply watching flat racing. The horses have to jump over hurdles or larger jumps and the famous 'Grand National' event is one of the most dangerous UK horse racing events around today.

Many horses have died whilst taking part in the Grand National though it still remains to be one of the most awaited events in horse racing in the UK.

Horse racing in the UK has been around for a long time and it is thought that the first race took part in 200AD when Roman soldiers in Yorkshire organized the event. However it was not officially recorded until 1174 and the first trophy was awarded later still in 1512 in Chester.

UK horse racing became more and more popular until 1654 when Oliver Cromwell decided it was to be banned. The ban lasted for 10 years until 1664 when Charles II restored it. It was then in the 18 th century that a new race was introduced into UK horse racing and it was down to the royal family who introduced the 'Royal Ascot'.

Horse racing in the UK has certain come a long way and despite a ten year gap within history, it was successfully reintroduced and now the sport is more popular than ever. There are 60 racecourses within the UK and two more in Northern Ireland.

The main meetings for horse racing in the UK are held mainly in Spring/Summer time with the Cheltenham festival in March and the Grand National in April.

Overall horse racing in the UK is an extremely large part of the UK economy. Hundreds of thousands of people love to flock to the main racing events and the various ladies days allow women all across the country to dress up and have a good time. UK horse racing is more about having a good day out at the races as well as having a chance to win big and it is a sport which can only continue to gain popularity. .


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Horse Racing in the UK