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All You Need to Know About Horse Race Betting Exchange

Do you like betting? Would you like to get better odds than you currently do? If so you might want to consider a horse racing betting exchange. Basically a betting exchange for race horses allows you to have sometimes up to 20% higher odds than usual. But just what is a horse racing betting exchange?

What is involved With a Horse Racing Betting Exchange?

Basically what is involved in a betting exchange for race horses is that two people bet against each other on a horse with a broker acting as a middle man. It is quite similar to a stock exchange and due to the fact that you are betting through another person that is what makes the odds better.

Horse racing betting exchange is big business and is the most successful bet exchange website within the world. It estimates profits of around £5 million per week and there are around 1,000,000 clients signed up today. That means that betting exchange for race horses is high on many people's priorities and with big savings to be made it really is no wonder!

Generally people only take part on a horse racing betting exchange if they are confident that they can in fact be paired up with a counterbet.

How do Exchanges Make Their Money?

It sounds like betting exchange for race horses is the way to go but just how do these exchanges make money? Due to the fact that the odds are better value, how can they afford to be?

Well betting exchanges tend to charge commission. So for every horse race betting exchange , whatever the winnings are, a commission is charged to each customer. The main people who like going onto horse racing betting exchange sites are people who usually win high amounts of money. This is because the people who do earn quite a lot of money frequently on betting are generally turned away from most bookmakers. Obviously bookmakers do not want to lose too much money and so if somebody looks to be onto too much of a good thing, they tend to get banned. So that means that betting exchange for race horses is their only option and it is generally better anyway as you can basically win as high as you can.

Overall betting exchange for race horses is a fairly big business and there are quite a few companies who offer the service to punters. Horse racing betting exchange is definitely worth thinking about and you could even win a larger amount of money than if you did bet at the bookmakers. Surely it has to be worth thinking about?



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