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Auto Betting Monster from Tom Carter.


Dear Friend,

If your willing to invest a few minutes of you're time I'll show "exactly" how I siphon huge paydays from many online betting exchanges on complete AUTO-PILOT... this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's why. Assuming you're willing to throw in just a few minutes installing and setting in motion an automatic betting machine that can quite literally pay you for life with monthly profits as high as £6,821... £7,146... even £7,264 per month on various online betting exchanges, your about to get your hands on an incredibly powerful software tool that not only got me out of a serious financial rut... but it began stuffing profits into my accounts like clockwork and will do the same for YOU - quickly, and faster than you ever imagined possible.

Who am I to make this kind of "over the top" promise?

I'm sure you've never heard my name before and for a good reason!

Punters that are making REAL money don't say much because they don't want to give away their cash cows! I am one of the top 2% of punters earning realsteady profits.

And no, I'm not a "guru" and I don't have any "secrets techniques" to show you...anyone that claims they do is full of HYPE! Instead of writing "miracle" betting ebooks, I've been cashing like crazy using Betfair!

Your can check out Tom's new Auto Betting Monster here.



........... Steve's Feedback ..........

Okay at this point I have to admit I am not a professional punter (I did pick the Melbourne Cup 2010 winner Americain) but I do dable and make a little bit of money and from what I can see with Tom Carters new system is that it could make what I now do the hard way, easy. And being a Betfair user, Tom's auto betting system might help me, but I'm not sure if I should hand over the $37US (around 40 bucks Australian) before I get a bit of feedback.

37 bucks isn't much though. Have alook for yourself and if you have good or bad experience with it, let me know here.

From the salespage this product looks fantastic and will sell very well. As far as being a good buy, time will tell. I suppose I will have to share some of my hard earned money and buy auto betting monster myself :)

UPDATE: I have since recieved some feedback about Auto Betting Monster. I read regularly a blog called Betting Systems Truths and they did a Scam report on Thomas Carters product and slammed it as a Scam. They even showed why they call it a Scam. In the meantime Tom Carter has not responded to my emails to explain why people are calling his system is a scam, so I can only judge this one as a NO BUY!

Heres the link to the review done by Beting System Truths If you have bought this system and found it to be a scam or even if it does what you wanted, please let me know.


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